Our ESG Journey

We consider ESG integral to what we do at Hope Capital and engraved into our DNA. For years, we’ve contributed positively to climate change and reducing our environmental footprint, given back to our local communities and employees on numerous occasions and have been committed to our corporate governance practices. These aspects are the driving force at Hope Capital, making us stand out from other finance companies in the UK. We’re excited to share our 2023 ESG report below, as well as our aspirations moving forward.  

What we've achieved so far

We’ve already achieved so much towards our environmental, social and governance commitments. Here are just some of the notable highlights we’re proud to showcase:


  • Proudly sponsored local breast cancer charity, the Sunshine Group, since 2016
  • Introduced a significant number of Mental Health First Aiders within the business
  • Invested in local talent from football teams to professional MMA fighters
  • Launched a Cycle to Work scheme
  • Set up an Environmental and Social Committee
  • Significantly enhanced our employee benefit scheme, myHope
  • Signed the Women in Finance charter in 2018 and have proudly renewed our commitment each year since

ESG: At the heart of what we do

We’re committed to embedding ESG at all levels of our business. It’s why we’ve been so successful as one of the leading short term finance companies in the UK.

Today, ESG is an essential part of how we operate. It’s not only the right thing to do but makes clear commercial sense.  We’ve always believed investing should be responsible – for over a decade our portfolio has helped to create jobs, develop businesses, help the local economy thrive, and support several charities.

This report is very much an introduction to our ESG story, and it helps to outline our priorities for the next 12 months.

 Our three pillars lay out how we make it happen. 

What we set to achieve in the future

2023 marked a great step in our ESG journey with the creation of our first-ever ESG report, showcasing everything we’ve achieved since Hope Capital was established in 2011. We are immensely proud of the journey we have been on and are excited to make even more progress in the future. Find out everything we set out to achieve in the future in our 2023 ESG report below.