Lending Criteria FAQ's

Our minimum loan is £100k, and our maximum is £5m, however, we would suggest that all cases are discussed directly with us, as we can lend outside these parameters providing there is sufficient security. 

We lend to individuals, partnerships, limited companies, trusts offshore companies, and LLPs from the UK, as well as foreign nationals. 

Foreign nationals that have permanent rights to reside within the UK will be treated in the same way as if they were a UK citizen. Applicants from member countries can be accepted within normal lending criteria. Applicants from countries, which are members of the European Economic Area, can also be accepted within normal lending criteria. Applicants who hold a passport or reside in a country that included above will be considered on referral. 

No, not necessarily.  We lend to first time buyers and first-time landlords.  For residential & semi-commercial properties it is acceptable for either the borrower or the contractor to have relevant experience.   For commercial properties and land projects we require the borrower to have previous experience, even if the contractor has experience. 

An inexperienced developer is classed as the borrower having no previous experience, but their contractor has completed 2+ similar projects within the last year.   An experienced developer is both the borrower and contractor have successfully completed 3+ similar projects within the last year. 

A maximum of four applicants per application are acceptable. A higher number of applicants may be considered upon referral.