Hope Capital launches Finish & Exit bridging loan product

Specialist short-term lender, Hope Capital, has launched a brand-new product, which enables borrowers to complete their residential development.

The Finish & Exit bridging loan product provides up to 75% LTV, with rates starting from just 0.70% per month and is suitable for projects where the development has still not been finished perhaps owing to a project overrun or material supply issues being encountered.

The news of the latest product compliments the launch of Hope Capital’s Development Exit loan in September, which is designed for completed developments.

The minimum loan amount on the Finish & Exit bridging loan product is £70k and goes up to a maximum of £5m, which is available on residential property developments located in England and Wales. Loan terms are from 3 to 18 months with this product being designed to be flexible around the needs and circumstances of the individual borrower and their specific project(s).

The new loan enables borrowers to undertake light to heavy refurbishment projects, with drawdowns being available. Alternatively, it can be used to repay existing finances and complete any outstanding works.

Roz Cawood, Director of Sales at Hope Capital, commented:

“The Finish & Exit bridging loan says what it does on the tin: finishing up projects before exit.

“We decided to launch this product after noticing there were a significant number of investors and developers who required funds to finish a development to pay off their existing development loan.

“The Finish & Exit bridging loan provides the borrower with much needed additional breathing space and relives any pressure to pay outstanding capital back to the lender if they are unable to do so on time.”

The Finish & Exit product follows the launch of Hope Capital’s Development Exit loan in September, with rates starting from just 0.69% per month and 80% max LTV. This product enables borrowers in a position where their completed residential development is prepared for sale, to switch to a short-term, possibly lower-cost, funding option.

Roz Cawood, continues:

“At Hope Capital, we make it our mission to regularly review the market, listen to our brokers and their clients, to see what the demand is, so we can create and deliver innovative bridging loan solutions to meet a diverse range of borrower’s needs. The Development Exit loan has already received a significant number of enquiries, so we are confident the Finish & Exit loan will generate a similar response.”

Hope Capital is renowned for being a highly flexible lender and is dedicated to providing excellent service and support to brokers and their clients from initial enquiry through to completion.

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